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Customer Order Form

Shipping Date _____________________
Customer Name_______________________________ Farm Name___________________________________
Street Address_________________________________
City, State, zip_________________________________ e-mail address_________________________________ Phone number ( )____________________________ (We will contact you by e-mail when the fiber is received and again when it is processed and ready to return. Payment in full within 30 days is expected before finished product is shipped)

Describe your fiber:
Breed_________________ Color________________ Weight_____pounds

Has the fiber been washed?______________
unwashed fiber will be charged $3 per pound washing charge
(we will contact you if your washing process has to be redone)

What services would you like?

_____Roving only $7.00 per pound (plus shipping)
(to be returned to you for hand spinning)
_____Yarn $25.00 per pound (plus shipping)
(select weight or attach a sample to this form)
____ Fingerweight (for dress socks)
____ Sportsweight (for everyday sweaters)
____ Bulky (heavy outdoor sweaters)

____________Total pounds( for each lot under 5 pounds, there will be a $10 service charge)

Please use a separate form for each lot of fiber to be processed.

Additional forms are available on the website: www.APlusAlpaca.com.

**Please call or e-mail if you have questions in completing this form**

A+ Alpaca Fiber Mill
6781 River Road
Jordan, NY 13080


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